A Guide for Buying Undershirts

Undershirts are important outfits among modern men. Originally, they were worn by men under their dress shirts especially those made of silk and fine linen to absorb body sweat and to ensure that the out shirt maintains a crisp and clean look. They also helped in covering chest hair while giving the dress shirt a smooth appearance. Today, these outfits are available for men and women. They form part of a layered look combining different fabrics to provide a great visual appeal to boring or drab casual shirts or dresses. A quality undershirt is a vital wardrobe essential for most people who wear it for relaxation, leisure wear or even to provide a casual appearance underneath a blouse, shirt or sweater.

Fabric options

Undershirts have always been made of lightweight cotton. This material is easy to wash, dry and it requires minimal care. Cotton also has moisture wicking capabilities. Thus, it absorbs sweat from the skin ensuring that the body cools quickly. Today, many people prefer organic cotton because it is ideal for sensitive skin. Organic cotton does not have artificial dyes, additives or chemicals. This is why you should also choose organic cotton especially if your body reacts to fabric blends.


Fitting is almost identical regardless of the gender. Majority of these outfits are made of cotton and they range from more substantial to lightweight. When lightweight, these outfits can be worn under the clothing for hygiene and comfort purposes. Slightly heavier to moderate fabrics are used for layering purpose and slight visibility. Unlike t-shirts that can be worn alone, these outfits should provide a snug fit to the body. However, they should not be binding or too tight. They should ensure that the arms are adequately loose to ensure full range movement without creating bulkiness under the shirt sleeves. Length is also an important factor. An ideal undershirt should tuck into a pant, trouser or short comfortably without scrunching over the back or riding up.

Best style

The most idea style of an undershirt is v neck. This is available for these outfits made of cotton blend or 100 percent cotton. This implies that you can get your undershirt made of cotton with this style to ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable fabric underneath. This style is designed to ensure that you can leave your top buttons of the dress undone without making the undershirt visible. This style ensures that this undergarment is a few inches below your dress shirt’s collar line.

Generally, a good undershirt is a must have item in the clothing collection. It is a vital fashion accessory. You can wear it for comfort, hygiene and warmth. You can also use it to create a layered look or appearance with current fashion trends. It is light than a standard, traditional t shirt which makes it versatile. We have a vast collection of quality men’s undershirts that we sell at reasonable prices. If you want to get the best deal on a quality undergarment, buy your undershirt from us today.

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